William Branham's 1933 Visions .. Debunked! - Episode 33 William Branham Historical Research Podcast

  • 7 months ago
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In this episode, Charles and John examine William Branham's seven (or eighteen) visions of 1933 (or 1931, or 1932), which were read to his audience from a paper dated 1933 (and also from a paper dated 1932, and also were buried underneath his Branham Tabernacle in the cornerstone)

We discuss:
* Different versions of the list of "seven" prophecies
* Branham's first description of the visions during the 1950s
* Their mysterious absence from his earlier publications
* Critical flaws with the visions themselves
* Visions that failed
* Visions that Branham claimed were fulfilled as he introduced them
* Cult leaders re-branding the visions, disagreeing with Branham
* How Gerald Winrod and Roy E. Davis influenced the visions