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The Bridge Prophecy - Season 2 Episode 4 William Branham Historical Research Podcast

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In this episode of the William Branham Historical Research Podcast, John and Charles investigate William Branham's claim to have had a vision concerning the George Rogers Clark Municipal Bridge spanning the Ohio River from Jeffersonville, Indiana, to Louisville, Kentucky.

We discuss:

* William Branham's vision and the details allegedly given by God to prepare him for his alleged role in the forewarning of impending destruction of the United States
* The "twenty-two years" sign of the vision, which is a problem, mathematically speaking, since this detail did not match the historical timeline
* William Branham's claim to have seen the bridge from the hill where he and his family lived on the grounds of the Wathen farm
* An examination of the Big Four Bridge history which appears to be where William Branham stole the idea for his stage persona

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