William Branham Alias William Marvin Branham - Marrion Debunked
  • 2 years ago
William Branham tried to hide his past by altering his history. For what purpose? We may never know. Even on government documents, he changed details that were strongly tied to his alleged supernatural events, such as his birth year.

The most alarming change, however, was his name. Branham claimed that the seven letters of his misspelled name “Marrion” was “spiritually significant”. He compared it to the six letters in Billy Graham’s last name, claiming that his names were encoded to 7-7-7 instead of 6.

The problem? William Branham appears to have used an alias to hide which William Branham he was. Almost every document Branham signed used the letter “M” instead of the full name. The earliest mention of the name “Marrion” is in March of 1963 after the Leslie Douglas Ashley criminal trial.

His 1940 draft card confirms that his actual middle name was “Marvin”.