The Branham Peaks - Message Cult Secrets

  • 9 months ago
One of the more unusual journeys of pilgrimage made by members of William Branham's cult of personality is to the "Branham Peaks", at the Branham Lakes Campground just southeast of Butte, Montana. "Message" believers are told that the name of the peaks are shrouded in mystery and that no one is aware why they are named "Branham". In fact, some sects of the cult believed that they are actually named after William Marrion Branham due to Branham's unusual statement concerning a visit to the area.

I stopped and looked up on the mountain, and I seen those seven hills. Now, here, if you want to see something: There was seven peaks on top of a mountain, one mountain, that run for several miles. The last mountain before you go into the other country; no more mountains after that. And it was running from east to the west, the mountain set, and it was snowcapped on top. The first two small peaks, and then a large peak; and then another small peak, and then a larger peak; and then a small peak, and then a great, large, long, snowcapped mountain. And I said, 'Lord, I do not understand what that means.' He said, 'How many peaks are there?' I said, 'There is seven.' 'How many letters is in your name? B-r-a-n-h-a-m, M-a-r-r-i-o-n B-r-a-n-h-a-m.'
- William Branham

William Branham used his stage name, "William Marrion Branham" instead of the name used on government documents, "William Marvin Branham", to claim that there was significance in seven letters. He then applied this to his journey to the Branham Peaks, claiming that he saw exactly seven peaks named after him, which was allegedly a sign given to him by God. Very few of his listeners had visited the area, and were unaware that the region was filled with almost countless peaks; mountain ranges stretch for hundreds of miles in every direction, each having several peaks that could be seen depending upon the location.

The surname "Branham" is very common, and there is no mystery as to the name of the lakes and peaks in the region. Branham Lakes was named after the family of Tom Branham, one of the earliest miners and prospectors in Sheridan, Montana. The Branham Peaks were named in March 1933, officially named "Branham No. 1", "Branham No. 2", and "Branham No. 3" until their names changed. Only two of the peaks were grouped in "Branham Peaks" while the other was named after a partner of Tom Branham named "Bradley". "Bradley Peak" also overlooks the Branham Lakes.

Branham lakes at the head of Mill Creek, soon to be reached by a forest road, have long been identified with the history of this section. They take their name from Tom Branham who was one of the early day miners and prospectors of Sheridan.
- Madison County Forum (Newspaper)

Five years after William Branham died, in 1970, "Message" member Jimmy Harrell of Macon, Georgia, sent a letter to the "Action Line" feature of the Macon News asking where the "Branham Peaks" got their name. He gave an incorrect location, "just west of