2 years ago

A New Artificial Intelligence Judges Your Musical Tastes

Spotify, the music streaming app, offers a retrospective on all the songs you’ve listened throughout the year.
In answer to that, the website The Pudding imagined an app that will judge your musical tastes called “How Bad Is Your Spotify?”
The Pudding synchronizes your Spotify account and analyses it. In addition to that the app can ask you a few questions about the song and artists on your playlist.
The app can gently mock you about some of your musical choices particularly present in your playlist.
After gathering all the information, the artificial intelligence grades your Spotify account to evaluate how basic and bad your tastes are.
The artificial intelligence also tells you what songs and artists you’re listening way too much according to it.
The Pudding states that the app is capable to tell which song is better thanks to more than 2 million objective indicators allowing it to tell if a song is good or not.
Definitely an app to try if you’re up to a good laugh!