The Message Part 24: William Branham and W. E. Kidson

  • 4 years ago
This episode examines the early beginnings of the creation of William Branham as a "faith healer", including the transition of his "Commission" story from a "vision" to an "angelic visitation" during the years of his first campaign manager, Rev. W. E. Kidson. It also examines the position Rev. Kidson held within the United Pentecostal Church, the connections he had, locations he based his operations, and other "faith healers" he created.

Names discussed in this video:
• Rev. Charles Fox Parham
• Rev. Frank Sandford
• Rev. John Alexander Dowie
• Rev. William Joseph Seymour
• Rev. Roy E. Davis
• Rev. W. E. Kidson
• Rev. Robert Daugherty
• Henry Branham
• Billy Paul Branham
• Rev. B. H. Hite
• Rev. Harry Morse
• Rev. J. H. Reeter

Topics discussed in this video:
• Disturbing facts found in the history of Pentecostalism
• Charles Fox Parham involved in a scam with "Chemical Gold" a product that allegedly turned objects into gold
• Charles Fox Parham accused of sodomizing young boys
• Charles Fox Parham modeling his new religion after two cult leaders, Frank Sandford, and John Alexander Dowie
• Frank Sandford nearly killing members of his commune of starvation as he profited from requiring them to forfeit their possessions
• John Alexander Dowie also requiring members of his commune to forfeit possessions, making him the "Richest Man in the West"
• William Joseph Seymour collecting large sums of money during the Azusa Street Revival
• Roy Davis suing Los Angeles officials, then migrating to Texas
• F. B. I. investigation of Rev. Roy Davis and his Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana Ku Klux Klan operations
• F. B. I. Reports describing witness testimony that Roy E. Davis started the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in Arkansas and Texas
• Roy Davis posing as a "Baptist" minister who was new to Pentecostalism, shortly before William Branham started doing the same
• William Branham renaming "Pentecostal Tabernacle" to "Branham Tabernacle" shortly before posing as a "Baptist" minister
• William Branham's "vision" to leave the "Pentecostal Tabernacle"
• Rev. Robert Daugherty visiting the newly renamed "Branham Tabernacle"
• W. E. Kidson's migration to Dallas, Texas about the same time Davis moved his base of operations from California
• W. E. Kidson's connections in California, Dallas, Texas, Houston, Texas, Shreveport, Louisiana, and Vandalia, Illinois
• W. E. Kidson's property in Shreveport
• William Branham's ties to Shreveport
• Roy E. Davis' Klan operations in Shreveport
• W. E. Kidson's evangelism in West Texas at the same time Roy Davis toured West Texas posing as a new Pentecostal convert
• W. E. Kidson's ties to St. Louis and Robert Daugherty
• Investigative reporters arriving in Vandalia, IL, during William Branham's "healing revival"
• Investigative reporters interviewing participants, unable to find any who were "healed"