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The Message Part 27: William Branham and the Kardashian Family

This examines William Branham's deep connections to the Kardashian family, Arakelian family, Shakarian family, and their involvement in creating (and funding) the Healing Revival. It also examines the business strategy behind the revival through Branham's newsletter, "The Voice of Healing", and some of the big names whose ministries were launched through Branham's business entities.

Names discussed in this video:
• Tatos Kardashian
• Demos Shakarian
• Hanna Shakarian
• Arthur Kardashian
• Helen Arakelian
• Bruce Jenner / Caitlyn Jenner
• Kim Kardashian
• Khloe Kardashian
• Robert Kardashian
• Kylie Jenner
• Kendall Jenner
• Avak Hagopian
• Little David Walker
• Marjoe Gortner
• Oral Roberts
• Roy E. Davis
• William D. Upshaw

Topics discussed in this video:
• Armenian Genocide
• Armenian migration to the United States for refuge
• Armenian prophecy
• Kardaschoff family
• Roy Davis and William Upshaw involved in swindling for the Ussher-Davis Children's Orphanage
• Davis' orphanage fronting the Third Wave of the Ku Klux Klan
• Roy E. Davis' "peach vision"
• Kardashian family religious history, pentecostal background, religious rebellion, and prophecy
• Kardashian family's roots in white supremacy
• Roy E. Davis' "Yesterday, Today, and Forever" propaganda
• Kardashian family's relation to Demos Shakarian
• Demos Shakarian founding the Pentecostal Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship International
• William Branham claiming to have rejected a Cadillac from Avak Hagopian's sponsors (Kardashians / Shakarians)
• William Branham accepting the Cadillac, as advertised in the Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship International newsletter
• Missing words in Branham's sermon transcripts
• Tom (Tatos) Kardashian, Kim Kardashian's great-grandfather, sponsoring Avak
• Branham's claim that Avak's sponsor (Tom-Tatos Kardashian) sponsored his healing campaigns
• Tom (Tatos) Kardashian sponsoring Pentecostal youth ministries
• Marjoe Gortner
• William Branham touring with Avak Hagopian
• William Branham touring all through Florida with "Little" David Walker
• Branham touring with Avak Hagopian
• Branham's campaign taking photos for newsletters with Avak Hagopian
• Branham's description of the publication that is no longer available to his "Message" cult
• Voice of Healing originally created to promote the William Branham Campaigns
• William Branham original publisher of The Voice of Healing
• The cross-promotion between William Branham and other "faith healers" of the 1940's, 1950's, and 1960's
• William Branham promoting Oral Roberts' ministry
• William Branham collecting names, addresses, and testimonies
• Oral Roberts use of "Prayer Cards"
• Other "faith healers" whose careers were launched by the Branham campaigns
• The "Voice of Healing Revival"


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