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The Message - Part 14 - William Branham and the Serpents Seed

This episode examines William Branham's "Serpent's Seed" (Christian Identity) doctrine that is fundamental to the "Message", including where William Branham first heard the doctrine, its origins, and its links to white supremacy sects.

Names discussed in this video:
• Roy E. Davis
• George DeArk
• Col. William Joseph Simmons
• E. A. Seward
• Frank Weber

Topics discussed in this video:
* Indiana and Kentucky Cave system
• George DeArk as elder in Roy E. Davis church with William Branham
• William Branham learning "Christian Identity" from George DeArk
• Christian Identity's links to white supremacy groups
• Roy E. Davis as public spokesperson for Ku Klux Klan
• Roy E. Davis working with Col. William Joseph Simmons
• Ku Klux Klan posing as "Christian" organization
• Ku Klux Klan operating by men posing as "Christian" ministers and evangelists
• Roy E. Davis' and William Joseph Simmons' involvement with and promotion of fraternal organizations and secret societies
• George DeArk's involvement with the Independent Order of Odd Fellow Masons
• George DeArk's Job at Quartermaster Depot (which later was purchased by Voice of God Recordings)
• George DeArk's salary
• George DeArk's international travel
• George DeArk's witness of automobile accidents in Jeffersonville
* William Branham denying two bloodlines (rejecting his "Serpent's Seed" doctrine in 1957)
* Growing turmoil leading to the Civil Rights Movement
• Little Rock Nine milestone in Civil Rights Movement
• Roy E. Davis' involvement with the situation at Little Rock
• F. B. I.'s investigation of Roy E. Davis
• Roy E. Davis as Imperial Grand Dragon of the Original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan
• Public vote on Integration / Segregation
• William Branham first presenting "Serpent's Seed" the day of the decision by the Supreme Court


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