4 years ago

The Message Part 13: William Branham and the Mishawaka Trip

This episode examines William Branham's trip to Mishawaka, Indiana, where he claimed to have "stumbled onto" his first experience with Pentecostalism as a "Baptist" minister.

Names discussed in this video:
• Roy E. Davis
• Hope Branham
• William Crawford Smith

Topics discussed in this video:
• Nashville Parthenon
• Art Museum inside the Nashville Parthenon
• William Branham and Roy Davis holding revival at Nashville Parthenon
• William Branham and Roy Davis on tour holding Pentecostal revivals, as far as Memphis, TN
• Snake Handling doctrine of Tennessee and Kentucky
• William Branham and Roy Davis preaching theology appealing to the snake handling and poison-drinking Pentecostals
• William Branham and Roy Davis using poison as part of their revival preaching
• William Branham praising Roy Davis for drinking poison in the revival
• Mishawaka and South Bend, IN in the 1930's
• Pentecostal conversion in "Life Story" examined
• Two Pentecostal General Assemblies that met in Mishawaka
• September 17-23, 1934 General Assembly of Pentecostals at Mishawaka
• William Branham taking a vacation to a resort just a few weeks after his marriage to Hope Brumbach, when he "couldn't scrape two pennies together"
• Lake Paw Paw resort
* Unusual doctrine of the Pentecostals of the 1930's
• Merger of Pentecostal sects
* Pentecostal views on baptism in the 1930's
• Death of Hope (Brumbach) Branham