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The Message Part 30: William Branham and A. W. Rasmussen

This episode examines the aftermath of the birth of The New Order of the Latter Rain, William Branham's involvement in establishing the extremist doctrines, and Rev. A. W. Rasmussen's involvement in spreading it. It also examines Branham's claim to practice metaphysics, Raymon A Haas' confirmation that Branham made the claim, and a partially-intact tale of metaphysics by Branham himself (the original copy has been overdubbed for reasons unknown).

Names discussed in this video:
• Rev. A. W. Rasmussen
• Rev. Joseph Mattsson-Boze
• Rev. James Jones
• Raymon A. Haas
• George Hawtin
• Percy G. Hunt
• George Warnock
• A. C. Valdez

Topics discussed in this video:
• William Branham's personal life compared to his Stage Persona
• William Branham wearing shorts
• William Branham claiming to practice metaphysics
• Raymon A. Haas claiming Branham practiced metaphysics
• William Branham's story describing the use of metaphysics
• The 1947 recording spliced to remove part of the metaphysics story
• The overdubbed claim that Branham could heal "without even praying"
• William Branham's impact on the Sharon Orphanage
• The birth of the Latter Rain Revival
• The simultaneous birth of the Voice of Healing Revival
• George Warnock preaching Branham's "Manifest Sons Of God" doctrine
• The formation of the Scandinavian Assemblies of God in the United States of America led by A. W. Rasmussen
• The formation of the Independent Assemblies of God (I.A.O.G)
• I.A.O.G's participation in Latter Rain
• A. W. Rasmussen inviting the Hawtin brothers and Rev. Hunt to speak at an I.A.O.G convention
• 1906 Scandinavian Revival in Chicago
• A. W. Rasmussen's ties to Freemasonry
• A. W. Rasmussen's participation in the Pentecostal Revival
• Rev. A. C. Valdez holding tent meetings with A. W. Rasmussen
• A. W. Rasmussen's leadership of the Salem Pentecostal Church in Brooklyn, NY
• A. W. Rasmussen's leadership of the Philadelphia Church in Chicago
• The Philadelphia Church's organization of William Branham's "Chicago Campaign"
• A. W. Rasmussen's leadership of the Edmonton Gospel Temple
• The "Masonic Temple Club Room" at the Edmonton Gospel Temple
• A. W. Rasmussen's leadership in spreading Latter Rain into the United States
• The Twenty-Third General Council of the Assemblies of God in Seattle Washington Sept. 9-14, 1949
• The Assemblies of God rejecting "The New Order of the Latter Rain"
• The split in Pentecostalism due to this rejection
• Rev. Jim Jones of Peoples Temple receiving a certificate of Ordination into the Independent Assemblies of God signed by Joseph Mattsson-Boze
• Rev. Jim Jones' handwritten note describing his ordination papers.


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