Arvind Kejriwal attacks Centre over Brij Bhushan and China | PM Modi | Delhi Assembly | VidhanSabha

6 months ago
Our women wrestlers were protesting at Jantar Mantar and they alleged that the ex-WFI chief, Brij Bhushan Singh did heinous activities with them. When these women wrestlers, who won medals for the country, our PM immediately went and clicked photos with them. He also said to them, that if you face any problems, do come to me and tell me. But the PM is silent when the women wrestlers actually need him. The wrestlers were made to knock the doors of the SC to file an FIR. China has been provoking us since the past 9 years. But our PM can’t utter ‘China’ even once. In October 2019, Our PM and Chinese President were seen holding hands in Mahabalipuram. And in 15 June 2020, the Chinese attacked the Galwan Valley. Our soldiers were martyred. They captured 2000 sq km. The PM was silent. These people are surrendering against China. Do you want a businessman PM or a PM who protects the country. Why can’t we stop our import from China.

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