Football Betting app Scam: Pawan Khera lashes out on BJP | PM Modi | Dani Data App | Amit Shah

6 months ago
China has infiltrated in the state from where the PM comes from, i.e. Gujarat. This individual, adjoining to Pakistan border, the 2 districts which are Banaskantha and Patan, within 9 days frauded 1400 Crores and left. The victims of this scam are the innocent people of Gujarat. 1200 citizens of Gujarat were deceived. When the PM was visiting Gujarat 4-5 times to campaign for elections in Gujarat, this scam was going on simultaneously. Some media reports say the total fraud was 4600 crore rupees. The app that deceived the people, Dani Data, is being promoted by policemen. Why is the police advertising an app made by a shady, dubious Chinese national. I ask the Prime Minister what is his relation with China. This is a very big scam. Where is EOW, ED, CBI, NIA, DRI? Are these agencies only made for the opposition parties? Is the govt. a travel agent of the scamsters? Who was behind the promotion of the Dani Data App?

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