Unacademy sacked Karan Sangwan for his political views | Educated Leaders Controversy | Roman Saini

6 months ago
Ed-Tech company Unacademy has fired its teacher whose video had gone viral in which he could be heard telling students to vote for an educated person in the upcoming elections. Karan Sangwan, a legal instructor at Unacademy, also raised concerns about the bills connected to IPC and CrPC presented in Parliament.
In a video, the teacher urged students to support educated candidates in future elections. Following this appeal, Unacademy let go of the teacher, citing that the classroom is an inappropriate venue for expressing personal opinions.
Roman Saini, a Co-founder of Unacademy Group, emphasized the importance of learners and explained that personal opinions should not be shared in the classroom as they can negatively influence students. The decision to part ways with Karan Sangwan was based on a violation of the Code of Conduct.
Saini also highlighted Unacademy's commitment to delivering high-quality education. They have a rigorous Code of Conduct for educators to ensure that students have access to unbiased knowledge.
But what exactly Karan Sangwan said is

In a video snippet, the teacher mentions, ""I'm unsure whether to laugh or cry due to the extensive materials I've prepared – bare acts, caseloads, and notes. It's hard work for all. You have responsibilities too.""
He continues, ""Remember this: Next time, choose an educated person so you can avoid a similar experience. Alright?""
Sangwan adds,Aise insaan ko chune jo padha likha ho, jo samajh sake cheezon ko. Sirf aise insaan ko na chune jinko sirf badalna aata ho, naam change karna aata ho
""Select someone educated, capable of understanding matters. Don't opt for someone who only knows how to change names. Make your decision thoughtfully."

The teacher mentioned that he would provide further details about the controversy on his YouTube channel on August 19th.
As the teacher has been fired from the ed tech company, several political leaders expressed their opinion on social media.
Priyanka Chaturvedi of the Shiv Sena (UBT) lashed out at edtech platform Unacademy for sacking one of its teachers Karan Sangwan describing the move as “shame” as his opinion would “positively influence young minds”.
Taking to X, the Shiv Sena (UBT) MP wrote, How does saying vote for literate politicians a biased opinion? Doesn’t that opinion positively influence young minds? Shame if merely expressing this view gets you to take someone’s job, Unacademy. PS: Don’t understand why everyone felt Karan Sangwan, the professor’s opinion on educated leaders was about Mr. Supreme. Repeat of Kajol level trolling, but here it cost him his job.
Delhi's Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, tweeted, questioning whether it's wrong to encourage voting for educated politicians.

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