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Costco Superfan Given Surprise 40th Birthday Inside Local Store | Happily TV
2 days ago
Family From Land-Locked Oklahoma Experience Ocean For First Time | Happily TV
5 days ago
Grandkids Have Surprise Reunion With Beloved Grandpa After His Stem Cell Transplant | Happily TV
6 days ago
Three-Year-Old Whose Tricycle Was Stolen Gets Surprised With Mini Motorcycle From Biker Dad | Happily TV
7 days ago
Man Dresses As Hulk Hogan To Surprise Wife's Aunt Who Has Dementia And Loves The 80s | Happily TV
9 days ago
Cat Comforts Dog Friend Who Is Afraid Of Thunderstorms | Happily TV
12 days ago
Grateful Son Who Worked To Save For His Own Vehicle But Missed Out Cries When Mom Surprises Him With That Very Car | Happily TV
13 days ago
Security Camera Captures Daughter's Wholesome Conversation With Mom About Her Age | Happily TV
15 days ago
Kids Find Belongings In New House Then Realize Single Mom Has Bought New Home | Happily TV
15 days ago
Bride Whose Dad Was Clemson Tiger When He Met Her Mom Gets Surprised By The Mascot On Wedding Day | Happily TV
19 days ago
Bride Surprises Grandparents Wearing Grandma's Repurposed 1961 Wedding Dress | Happily TV
21 days ago
Man Meets Half Brother For First Time After Dreaming He Had Sibling | Happily TV
23 days ago
Girlfriend Turns Detective And Accidentally Ruins Boyfriend's Proposal | Happily TV
26 days ago
Grandma Surprised With Her Father's Grave That She Spent 20 Years Searching For | Happily TV
28 days ago
Girl Who Lost Both Parents Surprised By Supportive Classmates On Adoption Day | Happily TV
last month
Two Color Cocktail Gender Reveal Announces Surprise Twins | Happily TV
last month
New Mom Surprised With Proposal On Newborn's Babygrow | Happily TV
last month
Teen With Special Needs Scores Basket On Senior Night | Happily TV
last month
Dad Fails To Notice Daughter Dressed As Delivery Driver During Surprise Reunion | Happily TV
last month
Apartment Dog Surprised With New Home With Backyard | Happily TV
last month
Siblings Surprise Sister With Over-The-Top Cruise Announcement For Birthday | Happily TV
last month
After 14 Years Of Hoping For Sibling Teen Receives Cake Revealing Mom's Pregnancy | Happily TV
2 months ago
Teen Asked To Make A Wish And Blow Horn Surprised With New Car | Happily TV
2 months ago
Great Grandma Overjoyed To Meet Great Granddaughter For First Time | Happily TV
2 months ago
Daughter Surprised With News She's Been Accepted Into Dream High School | Happily TV
2 months ago
High School Song Team Surprise Coach At Her Wedding | Happily TV
2 months ago
Bride Surprises Mom In Repurposed 90s Wedding Dress | Happily TV
2 months ago
Ducks Ask Passerby To Rescue Seemingly-Dead Friend | Happily TV
2 months ago
Man Spends Four Days In Freezing Cold Trying To Rescue Stray Dog | Happily TV
2 months ago
Woman Discovers Loving Message From Previous Owner While Carrying Out Renovations | Happily TV
2 months ago