Warfare experts rate 12 'Game of Thrones' scenes for realism

  • last month
Weapons masters and warfare historians rate 12 "Game of Thrones" and "House of the Dragon" scenes for realism.

Roel Konijnendijk teaches ancient history at the University of Oxford's Lincoln College. He rates battle scenes and swords and buckles in "House of the Dragon" (2022), featuring Matt Smith.

Blacksmith Neil Kamimura rates forging scenes from "Game of Thrones" for realism.

Archer Jim Kent, aka Grizzly Jim, breaks down bow and archery accuracy in "Game of Thrones."

Evan Wilson is an assistant professor at the US Naval War College and an expert in 18th-century naval warfare. Wilson rates naval warfare scenes in "Game of Thrones" (2017).

Medieval-fortification expert Michael Fulton is an assistant professor of medieval history at Western University in Ontario, Canada. He looks at fortress defense scenes from "Game of Thrones" S2E9 (2012).

Jousting world champion Shane Adams rates horseback and jousting fight scenes in "Game of Thrones" for realism.

Toby Capwell is a medieval-weapons expert as well as an author, lecturer, broadcaster, and the curator of arms and armor at The Wallace Collection in London. Capwell assesses the accuracy of armor and weapons used in "Game of Thrones."

Dave Rawlings has over 15 years of experience teaching Western swordsmanship, and he teaches longsword at the London Longsword Academy. He looks at duels from "Game of Thrones."

Rebecca Simon, a piracy historian and professor of history at Santa Monica College, rates pirate battles from "House of the Dragon" E2 and E3 (2022), for realism.

Grizzly Jim

Roel Konijnendijk

Neil Kamimura

Shane Adams

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Evan Wilson

Toby Capwell

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