The 90-Year-Old Italian Grandma Running an Iconic NYC Restaurant

  • 2 months ago
Today, Bon Appétit spends the day with Nonna Maria, one of the resident grandma chefs at Enoteca Maria on Staten Island. At 90 years old, Maria has been cooking Italian food longer than most bringing a lifetime of experience and flavor to her dishes. “Enoteca Maria is a place where we invite grandmothers from all over the world in to cook their traditional dishes. Nonna Maria has been working here for about 10 years now, and she lights up the place as soon as she walks in the door. She’s 90 years old and runs around like she’s 16.”

Director: Gunsel Pehlivan
Director of Photography: Luke Riffle
Editor: Misa Qu
Featuring: Maria Gialanella
Director of Culinary Production: Kelly Janke
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Filmed on Location at: Enoteca Maria