"I made a Spotify Wrapped-style presentation for my 2023 dating fails - this is what I learnt"

3 months ago
A woman made a Spotify Wrapped-style presentation of her 2023 dating fails - and says she's still searching for the right man.

Katie O’Brien, 23, created a PowerPoint for her love life from the last year – which included more than 20 kisses and three guys.

The insurance adviser split up how she met all her dates – through Tinder, Hinge and Instagram – and how they all ended on different slides.

She used graphs and pie charts to show some of the data.

She said she may be ending the year single but she feels ready to put herself out there more in 2024 and wants a man who will "chase" her.

Katie, from Coventry, West Midlands, said: "My dating history is horrific.

"I went on a date last year and he asked me to be his dominatrix.

"This year I've dated three guys and been on two dates.

"They all started off great - like a three-day trial period.

"But it's been a s**t show.

"Next year I want someone chasing and worshipping the ground I walk on."

Katie went on her first date of the year in June after meeting on Tinder.

She said: "It went well but then he said he was looking to move to Australia.

"The second one followed me on Instagram. We got nattering.

"He took me to Cosy Club and Las Iguanas and he paid. I was being wined and dined.

"Then he cancelled our second date for family reasons.

"Then we went for a milkshake at McDonalds but the next day told me he wasn't ready for a relationship."

Katie was meant to go on a third date in November 2023 but blocked her days before the date - for no apparent reason.

Despite no luck in with dating Katie has still enjoyed over 20 snogs - even kissing two to three guys a night when she was on holiday in Benidorm, Spain.

He said: "Everything happens for a reason. I'm quite confident in myself.

"If at comes at me now before the New Year - I'll hiss at them.

"My mates say I can be too much. I give more energy than they give me.

"I'm going to hold back at bit more next year."

Katie recognises the pros of her dating life this year - and is thankful for the free meals.