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Osprey rescued after getting tethered to nest - by discarded fishing line

A stricken osprey was safely rescued after it was found tethered to its nest - by a discarded fishing line.

The female bird of prey was stuck 40-foot high atop a light fixture in Ocean Beach, California, USA, with the fishing line tangled around its foot.

After making several failed attempts to fly away to get food for her three nestlings, the San Diego Humane Society organised a recovery.

Rescuers used a cherry picker to reach the osprey and safely bring it back to the ground where it was examined by a veterinarian.

The tangled fishing line was taken off the dehydrated bird's leg and it was given some fluids before being released back into the wild.

After flying a lap of the local are close to its nest, she regrouped with its mate and both returned to their nestlings safely.

The San Diego Humane Society said: "A gorgeous osprey made an incredible recovery today after she was freed from a fishing line by our Project Wildlife team.

"The Osprey was tethered to her nest high on a light pole at Robb Field in Ocean Beach.

"She made several attempts to free herself so she could feed her three nestlings, but due to the string entrapping her foot, she could not fly away.

"A partner Osprey parent was also spotted nearby, overseeing the nest, bringing food to the nestlings.

"Thanks to bucket truck and personnel, provided by SDG&E, rescuers could reach the bird’s nest 40 feet above ground.

"At the direction of Project Wildlife’s Senior Director Dr. Jon Enyart on the ground, SDG&E crews were able to cut the bird free and bring her down to the ground.

"Dr. Enyart immediately examined the Osprey on site, cut all the lines off the bird’s foot and gave an injection for hydration.

"Thankfully, the Osprey had only suffered some minor scrapes and swelling from being caught in the fishing line and was released within minutes - minimising the stress of human interaction.

"The Osprey flew a lap around the baseball diamond, then promptly returned to her nestlings.

"The partner Osprey immediately joined the nest as well! We are so pleased that this rescue had a successful outcome, and we are very grateful to SDG&E for their assistance!"

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