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Roasted Baingan Bharta Recipe | भुने हुए बैंगन का भरता बनाने की विधि | बैगन का चोख।Baigan Ka Chokha

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How To Make Baigan Bharta | Chokha | Chutney.

Baingan bharta or chokha (squashed eggplant) is an Indian dish made by mincing barbecued eggplant/aubergine (baingan) and blending it in with tomato, onion, spices and flavours.
Barbecuing the eggplant over charcoal or direct fire imbues the dish with a smoky flavour. Pounded eggplant is then blended in with cooked cleaved tomato, onion, ginger, garlic, new cilantro (coriander leaves), stew pepper, and mustard oil or a vegetable oil.

There are various neighbourhood Indian assortments of making baingan bharta like the Maharashtrian #Vangyache #Bharit or Bihari #baingan #chokha or Tamilian #kathirikai #gothsu.
Generally, the dish is frequently eaten with flatbread (roti or paratha) and is likewise presented with rice or raita. In Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, it is served hot with litti or baati.
In India, and adjoining nations, baingan bharta is important for famous cookings.

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