Things You Mustn’t Forget in Your Car When It’s Freezing

  • 3 years ago
Winter is here and it’s important to remember that when you park your car outside during those long cold nights, not to leave certain objects that can be ruined or even become dangerous.
Do not leave drugs inside your car when it's freezing outside. It’s recommended to keep your drugs at room temperature.
When drugs are kept at lower temperatures, they can become inefficient but also dangerous for your health.
Do not forget drinks in a can like sodas or beers. Indeed, when frozen, pressure rises and can make the can explode. Be careful!
You shouldn’t eat eggs if you forgot them in your car with negative temperatures. Liquid inside can freeze and break the shell, making the egg not edible anymore.
Do not leave musical instruments either as the cold can make them out of tune. Be aware that instruments made of wood can break with the cold and are very expensive to repair.
You don’t want to forget your phone or tablet as the cold can damage them. It’s recommended to use them only with temperatures between 32°F and 95°F.