5 Reasons to Buy an Audi Q5

  • 3 years ago
The Q5 is worthy of attention because it’s classy, practical and spacious.
You won’t feel like it’s a large SUV thanks to itshandling characteristics as it changes direction with the agility of a far smaller model. It’s very pleasant to drive!
The Q5 seating flexibility allows each section of the rear seat to slide forwards and backwards so you can either get more leg room or luggage space.
The Q5’s high driving position allows you a large view of the road from most angles. Even the entry-level option comes with rear parking sensors.
The Q5 has the best refinement as its diesel engine is among the quietest and has double-glazed windows to reduce noise levels.
Every Q5 has leather upholstery, climate control and even wheels and automatic lights as standard, and many more options so the entry-level model is already everything you need.