7 Reasons to Buy an Audi Q7

  • 3 years ago
The Q7 is a technical master piece with a luxurious and spacious interior, even for the entry-level option.
For those who are eco-conscious, there's also a hybrid version.
Comfort behind the wheel is outstanding with many adjustments that make most drivers comfortable almost instantly.
It’s very easy to park! Like most large SUVs, the Q7’s tall body and high driving position make it easy to see around.
The Q7 can come with the most powerful 3.0-litre diesel engine, but we reckon that whatever the engine you’ll choose, you’ll get a strong performer.
You can carry up to 7 passengers by raising up spacious seats from the Q7’s boot floor at the touch of a button. Very convenient!
Audi’s reputation for quality is none to make so it’s no surprise that the interior feels great with soft-touch materials and damping around switches.
The Q7 offers plenty of space. Front or rear passengers won’t complain about that, and even with all seven seats you still get enough room for medium-sized suitcases in the boot.