5 Reasons to Go For A Toyota Prius

  • 3 years ago
Toyota Prius is the best-seller hybrid car on the market and even if other manufacturers tried to copy it, Toyota keeps its hold over the hybrid industry.
Toyota Prius has a great fuel economy with whatever trim level, you get about 54 mpg city and 50 mpg highway. You can hardly find something as good as that.
The Prius has a long list of standards and optional safety features. As standards you’ll get a pre-collision warning, pedestrian detection, automatic high beams, lane departure alert and many more.
The Prius offers a good front and side visibility. The front windshield is nice and broad and you won’t find it hard to figure out how close your front bumper is to the sidewalk.
Even though the vehicle looks small, you have a lot of cargo room. You can also fold down the 60/40 rear split seats to maximize the cargo space.
The car offers a secure handling and it feels balanced and steady even while driving in the worse weather conditions.