Consider These 6 Things Before You Head To Europe This Summer

  • 3 years ago
Whether you're a novice traveler or returning to Europe, these six considerations will help assure your trip is fabulous.
1, Flight schedules are fluid right now. Pay close attention to travel restrictions of all your destinations as they will likely continue to evolve throughout the summer.
2, Aspects of travel on pause during the pandemic have returned. Air travel has increased dramatically over the past few weeks. Many airlines have re-incorporated perks such as in-flight meals and drinks.
3, Know what you're getting into will your hotel reservations. Larger chains have reinstated cancellation policies, while smaller chains remain flexible due to the pandemic.
4, Your favorite cities have likely changed since your last visit. The pandemic has affected nearly every aspect of society. Keep this in mind as you plan so that the changes don't ruin your expectations.
5, Itineraries are your best bet this time around. Many major attractions are selling timed admissions in order to keep crowds at certain levels. Itineraries can help keep unwanted surprises to a minimum.
6, Keep all your tech and apps updated. It's a great idea to do some tech research and make sure both your plan and device are compatible with the available networks of your destinations.