Cinco de Mayo Facts You Need to Know

  • 3 years ago
1. The holiday celebrates the 'Battle of Puebla' in 1862.
2. At Puebla, Mexico's army surprisingly defeated France's much larger forces.
3. Despite the victory, Mexico ended up losing the war against France.
4. Mexico began the holiday in 1862, but does not recognize it nationally anymore.
5. The U.S. adopted it in 1933 to strengthen its ties with Mexico.
6. It became a U.S. national holiday only as recently as 2005.
7. California has celebrated it since 1863.
8. The official dish of Cinco de Mayo is called 'mole poblano,' a sauce that includes chocolate.
9. Countries like Australia and Japan also celebrate Cinco de Mayo now as well.
10. The signature dance of Cinco de Mayo is called Baile folklórico and is normally performed with mariachi music.