[Read] Harness the Power of the Purse: Winning Women Investors Best Sellers Rank : #4

  • 5 years ago
What's driving the market failure for women investors? Andrea Turner Moffitt, a leading thinker on women and investing, cracks the code on how to fully harness the power of the purse, offering a roadmap full of tactics for winning with the biggest growth market: women.Using a wealth of hard data?including findings from nationwide surveys and dozens of focus groups and interviews with female investors from New York to London to Hong Kong?Harness the Power of the Purse reveals compelling insights on the female investor market. The book also draws on in-depth interviews with top advisors and forward-thinking leaders to reveal how they are spearheading innovative solutions.Whether you're a women investor looking to flex your financial muscle or an industry advisor or leader committed to building gender smarts, Harness the Power of the Purse is a vital resource for turbo-charging growth and closing the gap for women investors.