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Dad launches campaign against pharmacy who sold kids vitamins FIVE YEARS out of date

A dad is launching a legal campaign against a pharmacy who gave his three-year-old daughter vitamins that were FIVE YEARS out of date.

Krzysztof Kaczowka, 31, took a trip to the hospital last week after his daughter Kamaila was showing flu-like symptoms.

But he was shocked when Kamaila developed dozens of "little red spots" covering half of her face after taking the manky meds - which expired two years before she was even born. He said: "My daughter was not feeling very well. She had a cough and little bit of flu, so we went to the doctors on Friday evening.

"The doctors say that it was so late, and because it wan't an emergency we should come back on Monday. "I told them, fine, it's not an emergency. We will wait until Monday."

Concerned dad Krzysztof, originally from Poland, then took a trip back to the Coopers Chemist at the Willesden Medical Centre to stock up on child multivitamins for Kamaila - one a bottle of Haliborange and a box of Gummy Sharks.

Krzysztof, from Willesden Green, north west London, said: "We just gave them to her, because who checks the expiry date?

"We gave her the Gummy Sharks and she put them to her mouth and straight away she threw it away.

"We thought, maybe she doesn't like it or whatever.

"Then we gave her one spoon of the liquid one and she swallowed it without problem.

"Later on we gave her another spoon and then her face became red. Half of her face became covered in red spots.

"We thought maybe something was wrong with the vitamins so we checked the packets and the Haliborange went out of date in December 2015 and the Gummy Sharks went out of date in September 2011."

Krzysztof said that although the spots did not appear to be causing Kamaila any pain, he was so concerned that he rushed back to the pharmacy - which was closed over the weekend.
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