Reporters and media crews gather from around the globe to cover 2018 Inter-Korean summit
  • 6 years ago
남북정상회담 하루전부터 뜨거운 내외신 취재 열기

And at the summit's main press center, it's clear that inter-Korean peace is of interest not just to neighboring countries but to the whole world.
Our Lee Ji-won is there and spoke with some of the reporters and editors.

"With the world's spotlight this week on Friday's inter-Korean summit, hundreds of reporters and media crews from around the globe have gathered at the official summit press center in Goyang, northwest of Seoul."

Compared to the two previous inter-Korean summits where just over 1-thousand reporters registered, the third historic meeting has over 28-hundred press members signed up, from 360 media companies and 41 countries.

From live connections every hour,... to stories, speculation and analysis on the summit, reporters are busy delivering the latest on the meeting.

"Our newspaper for today filled one whole side with stories on this summit. 6 articles were posted,... including stories on the route to be taken by the two leaders, what to expect from the summit,... and even stories on this press center."

Though reporters each have different points of view, many say the key issue to watch out for during Friday's summit is denuclearization.

"You know were this happening at any other time, or were Kim Jong-un not going to meet President Trump, I think the two Koreas could focus on things that have short term relevance. But now I think what the top agenda needs to be is getting Kim Jong-un on paper, committing to denuclearization and committing to talks on denuclearization."

And it seems North Korea's increased nuclear threat and the high tensions on the peninsula last year grabbed more global media attention for this summit.

"I think at least at the last summit, North Korea was certainly not as big of an international story as it is now. They hadn't demonstrated their ability to hit the United States with their long range missiles, now it has done all those things."

Many have also pointed out that improving inter-Korean ties is also an important issue.

"Certainly the peace and the denuclearization. Whoever has family relations with North Koreans or vice versa, they can meet each other. The demilitarized zone, which is considered as the most sensitive borders in the world, should move back and people should come forward to meet each other."

And with so much at stake, the world will soon find out whether the solutions to these issues can be agreed upon during the summit on Friday.
Lee Ji-won, Arirang News.