FAA Investigating Southwest-Operated Boeing 737 That Flew Dangerously Low

  • 24 days ago
FAA Investigating Southwest-Operated, Boeing 737 , That Flew Dangerously Low.
'The Independent' reports that a Southwest Airlines
passenger jet flew extremely low over a suburb of
Oklahoma City, triggering an altitude alert on June 19.
According to Flightradar24, the Boeing 737-800
descended to just 525 feet above the ground
on its way to Will Rogers World Airport.
Approximately nine miles from the airport,
the plane was passing over Yukon when it triggered
an automated warning around 12:05 a.m. local time. .
Altitude alerts are triggered when an aircraft
descends to within an unsafe distance
to terrain, obstructions or other aircraft. .
'The Independent' reports that the pilots quickly
regained altitude and circled around for a safe
landing on another runway shortly after midnight.
The incident, which sparked concern
in communities it passed over,
is now being investigated. .
On June 20, Southwest Airlines
confirmed that it was in contact
with the FAA regarding the situation.
Southwest is following
its robust Safety
Management System
and is in contact with the
Federal Aviation Administration.., Southwest spokesperson, via 'The Independent'.
... to understand and address any
irregularities with the aircraft’s
approach to the airport. , Southwest spokesperson, via 'The Independent'.
Nothing is more important
to Southwest than the safety
of our customers and employees, Southwest spokesperson, via 'The Independent'