Dave Pike - album Doors of perception 1970

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"Thr doors of perception" by vibraphonist Dave Pike was recorded mlive in 1966 and released in 1970. The album finds Dave Pike indulging in full-fledged psychedlic jazz with trippy grooves and for him a new sound. Produced by Herbie Mann, "The doors of perception" featured an all-star cast of musicians, including Eddie Daniels, Lee Konitz, Don Friedman, and Chuck Israel, Their talents were completed by a wide range of eddects, from echo chambers to piped-in applause to thunderstorms to fuzzy distortion, and studio trickery. The music performed includes among others, early jazz-rock attempts, improvised moments as well as ballads.

Dave Pike - vibraphone, marimba.
Eddie Daniels - tenor saxophone, clarinet.
Don Friedman - piano.
Lee Konitz - alto saxophone.
Chuck Israel - bass, Fender electric bass.
Arnie Wise - drums.

Free improvisation.
The drifter.
The doors of perception.