Omer Chaudhary Bodybuilder Lavish Lifestyle - Luxury Cars And VIP Protocol And Lavish Gym Owner

3 months ago
Omer Chaudhary, a Pakistani bodybuilder, lives a lavish lifestyle, owns luxury cars, VIP protocol, and a luxurious gym.Omer Chaudhary is a Pakistani bodybuilder who has won several international competitions. He is the Mr. World Model Physique and has won the Musclemania Dxb '18 and EBFF '18 competitions. He is also an international fitness trainer. During an interview with Urdupoint anchor Faizan Haider, Omer Chaudhary said he is a pet lover and has dogs, horses, and peacocks on his farm. He advises young people who aspire to be bodybuilders not to use steroids since they will eventually develop a good physique via patience and hard work. Anyone can accomplish it if I can.
Anchor: Faizan Haider

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