US is pushing Russia 'toward using' nuclear weapons by arming Ukraine, Belarus leader says

  • 9 months ago
US is pushing Russia 'toward using' nuclear weapons by arming Ukraine, Belarus leader says
Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko expressed his concerns about the United States arming Ukraine, stating that it is pushing Russia towards using nuclear weapons.
Lukashenko believes that by providing long-range missiles to Ukraine, the US is escalating tensions and increasing the risk of a nuclear conflict.
He emphasized that if a missile were to strike Russian territory, Moscow would have no choice but to respond with a colossal retaliation.
Lukashenko warned that this could lead to a situation where Russia feels compelled to use its nuclear arsenal.
He also criticized the US for not fearing for their own safety, as they are "across the ocean."
Lukashenko's comments come in the wake of Russian President Vladimir Putin's statement about the possibility of revoking the ratification of a treaty banning nuclear tests.
This raises concerns about the stability of nuclear disarmament agreements and the potential for an arms race.
Lukashenko also commented on the uncertain fate of US Congress aid for Ukraine.
He sees it as a signal for Ukraine to accelerate its counteroffensive efforts and deploy more troops.
Lukashenko suggested that US President Joe Biden may be seeking a military victory in order to boost his approval ratings, as he is currently facing challenges in the polls.
The situation between the US, Russia, and Ukraine is becoming increasingly tense, with Lukashenko's remarks highlighting the potential risks of arming Ukraine and the potential consequences of such actions.
The international community will be closely watching the developments in this region.

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