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“I had a really high sex drive during my pregnancy like Molly Mae – it can be even better than usual”

A mum says she had a "really high" sex drive during and after her pregnancy like Molly-Mae – and says sex can be "better than usual" while expecting.

Lara Basini-Miller, 44, noticed an increase in her sex drive during both her pregnancies and found her libido went "through the roof" after she had given birth.

The midwife says it can be "freeing" to have sex while pregnant as you don’t have to "worry about contraception".

Lara, a mum-of-two, says pregnancy hormones are "designed to up your sex drive" and claims most women who have sex during this time find it is "better than usual".

This week influencer Molly-Mae Hague, 24, revealed her sex drive shot up while she was pregnant with her six-month-old daughter, Bambi.

Lara said illness and weight gain during pregnancy can lead to women not feeling "sexy" – and everyone is different when it comes to deciding to have sex or not while carrying a baby.

Lara, from Bristol, said: “Pregnancy hormones are designed to up your sex drive.

“Most women who have sex when pregnant find it better than usual.

“The orgasms are much stronger.

“I had a really high sex drive during pregnancy and after birth.”

Lara - who has two boys, aged 11 and 16 - claims most women experience illness to a degree while pregnant which can contribute to them "not feeling sexy".

But she said the hormones during pregnancy often increase their sex drive regardless.

She said: “Blood flow goes to our sex organs.

“You can have a high sex drive and not feel sexy.

“When you’re pregnant don’t have to worry about contraception.

“It’s more freeing.

“Sex makes us happier and less stressed.”

Lara said women can start lactating during pregnancy which can result in some funny moments during intimacy.

She said: “If you orgasm milk might spray in your partner's face.

“You’ve got laugh at these moments.

“But you’d be surprised at how many people feel uncomfortable.”

Lara said communication is important – as some men may also struggle with the concept of having sex with their pregnant partner.

Lara said: “Sex is a unique time when you’re pregnant.

“Lots of men think their penis is going to be in the baby's face.

“They don’t know the ins and outs of anatomy.

“They see the baby being between your legs.

“The baby sits above the cervix.

“Most babies will also move loads when having sex.

“Some men are really funny about it - others love it.”

Lara experienced another leap in her sex drive after birth.

She stresses everyone is different and some find the same as her - while others may not find their sex drive comes back for several months.

She said: “My sex drive went through the roof after I gave birth.

“I didn’t suffer sexually.

“I had a lot of other issues like dizziness.”

Lara also said partners can struggle with the concept of their significant other being a “mother” and not want to have sex which can leave women feeling “rejected.”

She said: “It’s all about communication.

“I’d urge all women if the chap is rejecting them to speak to them about it.”

Lara said sex is safe during pregnancy – unless they have been told otherwise by a doctor – but if anyone is unsure to check with their midwife.

She said: “It’s fun when you do it safely. Use common sense.

"Everyone is different.

"I don't want women to compare and beat themselves up."