2 months ago

California floods: Car NEARLY eaten up by a sinkhole in Paso Robles *CHILLING shot*

No, this is not the set of an action movie, even though it may look like one. Unfortunately, this car really did fall into a sinkhole amid the 2022–2023 California floods.

The video shows the aftermath of said incident and it includes a bone-chilling shot of the impacted car partially swallowed up by the cavity in the ground.

"My friend's daughter drove into a sinkhole in Paso Robles on Highway 41 by Cripple Creek," the filmer, Kathleen Scruton told WooGlobe. "She was with her husband."

Thankfully, both passengers were able to get out of the car without incurring any major injuries.

Location: Paso Robles, USA
WooGlobe Ref : WGA735142
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