How to Keep Kids Safe From Holiday Hazards?
  • last year
The holidays for many are a time of celebrations with family.
They can also present hazards for kids that may land them in the local emergency room.
These five tips will help to keep your youthful family members safe this season.

1, Avoid toy hazards.
A good rule of thumb is if a toy can pass through a cardboard paper roll, it could be a choking hazard.

2, A helmet can make all the difference.
If one of your child's gifts include wheels, make sure to also provide a helmet to help prevent serious injuries.

3, Consider digital privacy.
It's important to understand how data from your child's holiday gadgets is collected and stored.

4, Prepare for holiday travel.
Prioritizing safety during your travels this season will help ensure happy celebrations.

5, Give attention to your kitchen.
Awareness of hot stoves and food-borne illness prevention goes a long way to avoiding holiday trips to the ER.

Safe and happy holidays!