Here are Some Tips to Improve Balance, Coordination and Awareness to Become Less Clumsy

  • 2 years ago
Lifehacker suggests that being clumsy might seem like an unfortunate personality trait, but it's actually
something everyone has the power to change.
Jason Harrison, a strength coach and the co-owner of Present Tense Fitness, explained that clumsiness could be the result of a number of different factors.
According to Harrison, clumsiness could be caused by poor balance, bad vision or even an underlying medical condition.
Training and exercise have a huge impact on your overall fitness, which helps to determine how you navigate the world around you.
"One of the things that we know gets better with good, solid, smart strength training is proprioception, which is essentially our body’s ability to know where it is in space.",Jason Harrison, a strength coach and the co-owner of Present Tense Fitness, via Lifehacker
Working one-on-one with a trainer or coach can help you build skills and learn about bodily efficiency.
Stephanie Weyrauch, a doctor of physical therapy in Connecticut, suggests that improving balance is important for becoming less clumsy.
"Tripping can be a result of weakness in the ankles and hips. These exercises can help improve muscle coordination and joint proprioception." Stephanie Weyrauch, Doctor of physical therapy in Connecticut, via Lifehacker
Weyrauch also suggests that diaphragmatic breathing exercises can improve awareness of your connection with your body.
Lifehacker recommends speaking about being clumsy with your doctor, particularly if the clumsiness feels like a recent change.