If You Are Over 30, Avoid These Eating Habits to Age Gracefully
  • last year
As we age, our bodies change in a way that increases the difficulty of losing weight and living a healthy life.
If you've reached the three-decade mark, avoid these foods at all costs:

- Flavored Yogurt
Cutting out sweets like candy and cookies can be a bit obvious. But sometimes sugar is hiding in less assuming places, such as flavored yogurt. Some flavored yogurt has as much sugar as a bowl of full-flavored ice cream.

- Canned Soup
Just like mother used to make? Yeah, ok. Cutting back on sodium could be the healthiest decision you make, and the canned soup will have to go. Many of today's popular canned soup brands offer 40% of the daily recommended amounts of sodium in only one serving.

- Sugary Breakfast
You're all grown up, and it's time to start eating that way. Many sweet morning-time pastries can contain nearly a day's worth of sugar. Sugary diets typically don't end well. Those who consume 17-21% of their calories from added sugar are 38% more likely to die of heart disease.