4 months ago

Vampire Goth To 'Girl Next Door' | TRANSFORMED

MOTH, 15, from Illinois, has a dramatic style that takes inspiration from traditional and Vampire Goth aesthetics. Moth, who has dressed this way for as long as she can remember, is anything but the girl next door... But today, she's preparing to jump out of her comfort zone and shock her friends and family like never before. Moth's everyday look requires her to get up at around 6am in order to be totally ready and never leave the house without looking her best. Moth told Truly: "I get a lot of looks, I get people yelling at me, I get a lot of insults, people barking... But I don't know why." Today Moth is taking a bold step and is going to surprise some of the closest people in her life with her transformation into 'The Girl Next Door'. Will Moth's mum want her to stay transformed? Will Moth completely hate her new look or will she be pleasantly surprised with the transformation?

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