2 months ago

WATCH | This Former Neuroscience Researcher Created This Line Of Herbal Supplements To Help Us Sleep, Destress And Cure Our Brain Fog!

This week on Shop Essence Live, we featured Nadine Joseph, CEO & Founder of Peak +Valley Herbal supplements.

How did you go from a neuroscience researcher to creating these amazing products?

Yeah, so I started off in the world of neuroscience and I was stressed out. I mean, I was running two different labs going back and forth between each one working over 14 hours a day. It was rough. And I started experiencing all the classic symptoms of adrenal fatigue or what people know as burnout, which is when you have trouble sleeping, some anxiety, a lot of fatigue all the time. And I really wanted to figure out a way that I could heal myself because even after I went back to a normal schedule, I was still experiencing all of those feelings and all those symptoms. And so I kind of had a holistic upbringing growing up, had a hippie, hippie mom. And so even though in science, I wanted to find out what herbs and remedies were out there that could help. Kind of delved into what scientific research was showing right now that helped and discovered adaptogens which has actually been used in traditional Chinese medicine....for centuries!

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