10 months ago

From Goth Drag Queen To 50's Pinup | TRANSFORMED

DESCRIBING their style as 'trad goth drag queen', 18-year-old Adriana, from Des Moines, Iowa, has curated their unique aesthetics by drawing inspiration from their favourite music artists and drag performers. As a teenager, Adriana's music taste was heavily influenced by her parents who met at a metal concert while Adriana's musician dad was performing. Over the years, Adriana experimented with different alternative styles before creating their own - by combining the aesthetics of goth and drag queen. "I went from metal to goth and all the other fun stuff and incorporated them into my style," Adriana said. "I was really wanting something different. I wanted to put both things that I love together and form something new." But today, Adriana is going to strip back the dramatic makeup and swap their gothic wardrobe for a 50's pinup look. They will reveal the final result to their best friend, Steilea, who has known Adriana for a decade but has never seen them wearing anything else but all-black clothes. Steilea said: "Since I've known Adriana, they've been in straight black all the time. I remember in eighth grade, they dyed their hair black and shaved the side of their hair." Would Steilea recognise her best friend in a classy polka dot dress?

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