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Edith Wright: Thus Saith the Lord?

In 1989, shortly after Sarah Branham sent her letter, "Take It with You" to several leaders of William Branham's cult of personality exposing her brothers of what she claimed to be criminal activity, Hattie Wright Mosier testified against William Branham. Known in the "Message" as "Hattie Wright", she was a key figure in Branham's cult. According to her testimony and photo evidence, William Branham's claim to have "THUS SAITH THE LORD" for the healing of Edith Wright was a complete failure.

According to William Branham, God allegedly gave him a vision telling him to go to Milltown, and then say, “THUS SAITH THE LORD. Edith, rise up and walk.”. He told the Wright family that “You’d see those little legs unfold and she’d get up from there and walk, to the glory of God”.

According to Hattie, “When Edith got a little older, she'd hit out at things. Just anything that got near her, she'd hit it. She just couldn't help herself that away. See, she couldn't even feed herself, and somebody had to lift and carry her. I carried her till I just couldn't do it no more. She never got over her affliction, not to walk and take care of herself.
- Hattie Wright Mosier”

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