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Thus Saith the Lord ... William Branham

William Branham often used the phrase “Thus Saith the Lord” when on stage. This phrase had significant meaning to his cult of personality, and significant implications for anything said in combination with the phrase. Put simply, it meant that the words associated were not William Branham’s words — they were coming directly from the Almighty God.

This is problematic when considering some of the things that Branham said when using this phrase. Some of the things were direct contradictions to the words of Jesus or the Apostles. For example, Branham claimed that God spoke through him (Thus Saith the Lord) and declared that the Bible stated that a female cutting their hair broke the bonds of marriage and could be abandoned. He actually claimed that God spoke through him advocating for divorce, which is in direct conflict with 1 Corinthians 7:10-11.

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