11 months ago

Cyber-Kawaii To Modern Glam - Will My BF Recognise Me? | TRANSFORMED

GROWING up, Kitty, 31, always felt like a nerd and outcast at school until she started attending raves. Embracing the positive, loving environment, and connecting with a tribe of like minded people, she began adopting the bright neon, colourful fashion into her style. Kitty described her look to Truly as “Cyber kawaii, and everything I wear describes me in some way”. Having dealt with body dysmorphia in her twenties, Kitty began getting tattoos to cover up parts of her body she didn't like. Now she loves nothing better than showing them off as beautiful works of art, and has become more comfortable in her own body. Today Kitty is getting a drastic makeover, but how will her boyfriend react to her new look?

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