3 years ago

TikToks idiotic face wax trend racks up millions of views and outrage

VESA Channel
Clout-seeking fools are getting their entire faces waxed in a new viral TikTok trend that outraged dermatologists are deeming dumb and dangerous.
Alarming videos of the harebrained skin-smoothing procedure have collectively amassed millions of views on TikTok.
The latest clip, posted by Kapsalon Freedom barbershop in the Netherlands, shows a barber caking a patient’s face — including their eyes — with gloopy green wax as if casting a mold for the “House of Wax” horror movie.
He even has wax-dipped Q-Tips stuck in his nose to extract pesky nasal hairs.
Another wince-worthy vid shows the rogue beautician peeling the beauty batter off another patient’s face in one piece like a slasher villain mask.
Needless to say, skin experts are warning the public against giving one’s face a full wax.