Incredible Metal Detecting Discoveries: True Stories of Amazing Treasures Found by Everyday

  • 3 years ago
"I knew people were finding stuff with their metal detectors, but I had no idea they were finding treasures like this! Absolutely incredible!"Mike in Florida"The incredible stories are well worth the cost of this book, but its the lessons learned from each story that make this book priceless!" Don in Texas"After reading about the incredible monster gold nuggets that people have been finding with their metal detectors I had to pick my jaw up off the floor!"Ben in Indiana"Incredible stories with priceless information anyone can learn from!" Bill in Montana"I have been metal detecting for over 7 years. The incredible treasure stories in this book will have me hunting until they pull my metal detector from my cold dead hands."Jimmy in Texas"My metal detector has seen more time in the closet lately. After reading these metal detecting stories, I realize it is time to dust it off and claim my own treasure. Unbelievable!" Frank in Alabama"Fascinating stories had me turning the pages all the way to the end. Amazing!"Bill in North CarolinaVeteran detectorist, treasure enthusiast and best selling author Mark Smith continues to provide great information to anyone interested in the great hobby of metal detecting. In his third book on the subject, he showcases the best treasures unearthed using nothing more than a metal detector. Each true story of amazing treasure discoveries will have you itching to get out there and find your very own piece of treasure. From monster gold nuggets worth millions of dollars to ancient buried hoards that consist of thousands of gold coins, the stories in this book will take your breath away!But this book contains much more than treasure stories. Each story teaches a valuable lesson that anyone can learn from. It doesn't matter if you are interested in metal detecting or not. These stories will fascinate anyone who has even the smallest interest in treasure and adventure."There are incredible untold stories just waiting below the surface of the earth and all it takes is a metal detector to locate them. This book is loaded with some of the most incredible metal detecting stories in the world. If you are not already hooked on the idea of metal detecting, I can guarantee you will be once you are done reading these stories. Every single one of them is true. This is the reality of metal detecting. Jump right in. Dig in and prepare to be amazed!" Happy Hunting Mark Smith