PEP Rewind: When Kathryn Bernardo warned the "pasaway" girls who pursue Daniel Padilla

  • 4 years ago
Back in 2016 when Kathryn Bernardo Official and Daniel Padilla were promoting their movie "Barcelona: A Love Untold," PEPtalk was in their itenerary.

Before their interview ended, they played our PEPtalk Challenge: Ako Yun / Hindi Ako Yun.

In one of the questions, Kathryn admitted she gets more jealous more than Daniel and mentioned the "pasaway girls" who pursue Daniel as her source of jealousy.

"Ang sarap pitikin," she said about the girls.

She later faced the camera as if addressing those girls and said, "So kung nanonood ka ngayon..."

Daniel stopped her before she said more about the "pasaway girl."

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