Cheese Poha Fingers | चीज पोहा फिंगर | Crispy Poha And Potato Fingers | By prajaktas recipe

4 years ago
चीझ पोहा फिंगर एक चटपटीत आणि सोप्पा नाश्ता.पोहे अगदी सहज घरात उपलब्ध असतात आणि कधीही भूक लागली कि झटपट बनवून हे फिंगर गरमागरम खायला खूप मस्त लागतात.
मुलांना आवडतील अशा वेगवेगळ्या आकारामध्ये हे फिंगर तुम्ही बनवू शकता.
तर तुम्ही ते नक्की करून बघा आणि मला कमेंट करून कळवा.

Cheese Poha Fingers is very tasty and crunchy snacks.
It made with easily available ingredients. Hot and crunchy poha fingers is best snacks for hunger.
You can make Cheese Poha Fingers in any shape which like children most.
You must try and comment me.


२ वाटी पोहे (2 Bowl Flattened Rice)
१ चमचा आल लसून पेस्ट (1 Spoon Ginger-Garlic Paste)
१ चमचा तांदूळ पीठ (1 spoon Rice Flour)
तेल (Oil to Fry Fingers)
५-६ ग्लास पाणी (5-6 Glass Water)
२ उकडलेले बटाटे किसून (2 Boiled Smashed Potato)
१ चमचा धने पावडर, जीर पावडर ,लाल तिखट(1 spoon Coriander Powder,Cumin Powder, Red Chilli Powder)
½ चमचा चाट मसाला ,हळद पावडर (½ Chaat Masala, Turmeric)
मीठ(Salt as per taste)
१ वाटी कोथिंबीर( 1 Bowl Coriander leaves)
१ चिमुट हिंग( 1 Pinch Asafetida)
२ चमचे बेसन(2 Spoon Gram Flour)
२ चीज़ तुकडे (2 Cheese Cubes)

Neatly clean Flatten rice (Poha) and soak in water for 10 minutes.
Flatten rice (Poha) will fully soak that much water should be used.
Now cover with lid and keep aside for 10 min.
After 10 min, drain excess water by using strainer.
After 2 min transfer Flatten rice into bowl.
To get properly bind, smash Flatten rice (Poha) with clean hands
Gently smash Flatten Rice.
Now Flatten Rice smash properly and ready for binding.
Add Boiled and smashed Potatoes
Add Ginger Garlic Paste, coriander and all spices.
Add Besan, Asafetida (to digest), and Rice Flour (For cruch)
Mix well all the ingredients with the help of spoon
Add salt as per taste
Now grease hands with oil and make a dough of a mixture.
Do not add water in the mixture to make a dough
Grate cheese cubes
Now grease hands with oil and make small ball of dough.
Flatten a dough then add grated cheese in it and cover properly.
Now give a shape of finger to it.
Gently press a dough while giving a shape of finger.
Like this way we can make all our fingers.
If you like you can give a Tikki Shape also to it.
Now our fingers are ready to fry
On Medium to high flame Heat oil in a pan
To check oil temperature add small dough in it.
Now fry all fingers on Medium Flame.
Add only 4-5 finger at one time to fry
Stir slowly in between to get properly fry.
After 2 min finger’s colour start changing.
After 4-5 min Cheese Poha finger’s get fry properly.
Then transfer them onto a tissue paper
Serve with sauce or green chutney.