Keshar Modak | Kesar Modak | mawa modak recipe | khoya modak | केशर मावा मोदक | By Prajaktas recipe

  • 4 years ago
“केशर मावा मोदक” गणपती बाप्पा चा आवडता नैवेद्य आणि भक्तांचा आवडता प्रसाद.

केशरयुक्त मावा मोदक घरच्याघरी अगदी झटपट आणि कमी वेळात बनवता येतात.तुम्ही पण ते नक्की करून बाप्पाला नैवेद्य दाखवा.

Kesar Mawa Modak is Bappa’s favourite and his devotees favourite Prasad.
We can make it at home in very easy step and in very short time.
You must try and do comment.

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1 Bowl Milk Powder (१ वाटी दुधाची पावडर )
½ Bowl Powdered Sugar (½ वाटी पिठी साखर )
½ Bowl Milk (½ वाटी दुघ )
½ Bowl Malai (½ वाटी साय )
2 Spoon Ghee(२ चमचे साजूक तूप )
Pinch of saffron (Kesar) (चिमुटभर केशर)
¼ spoon Cardamom Powder (¼ चमचा वेलची पावडर)
Pinch of Nutmeg (चिमुटभर जायफळ )
2 drops Kesar Essence (२ थेंब केशर इसेन्स )


Add 2 spoon Milk in saffron (Kesar), mix and keep aside.
Keep a pan on low flame
Once heat a pan, add ghee in it.
Once ghee melted, add Malai and mix well
Now Add Milk and stir well
Add Kesar Mixture and mix well
Now add Milk Powder gradually
Mix well to make lump free paste on low flame
Stir continuously till it turns into a dough
Now add 2 drops kesar essence and mix well
Off the flame and stir to cool down
Transfer mawa in a bowl and cool down completely
After Cool down add powdered sugar, cardamom powder and nutmeg in Mawa
Mix it well till sugar dissolve.
Make a soft dough
Take a Modak Mold and grease with ghee
Put small portion of mixture on one side and press gently
Same to be follow for second
Press gently on both side and close the mold
Remove excess mixture by hand and press bottom gently
Now unmold and gently press bottom and take out our kesar mawa modak