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  • 4 years ago
Aanachadikuth/Aanayadikuthu. This is a waterfall very near to the Tourist Place Thommankuthu,Thodupuzha, Idukki District, Kerala.

The compatriots (local people) calls this place as “AANAYDIKUTH” or “AANACHADIKUTH”.There is a story behind this name.Long ago when a herd of elephants were moving from one place to another,
they had to cross this brook or stream , so while they were slowing crossing the stream…A baby elephant fell into the water and got drowned and soon the poor one lost its life.

The profound beauty of this place is beyond words

Location : http://bit.ly/2B1usmd

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Narration Script : Shibu Sridhar
DOP Associate : Unaise Adivadu
Designs : Suneer Muhammed
Program Manager - Sanraj amritham
Coordinator - Sahad Usman
PR & Marketing : Jishnu Laxman
Sound : Epidemic Sound.
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