[ISSUE TALK] 2018 Inter-Korean Summit Pyeongyang D-1: talking points and agenda

  • 6 years ago
D-1 남북정상회담 관전포인트 - 우정엽 박사 대담

To help us look ahead to the summit, we have with us Dr. Woo Jung-yeop,... from the Sejong Institute. Thank you for joining us today.

My pleasure.

1 - We just heard from Im Jong-seok, the head of South Korea's summit preparatory committee, giving a press briefing. In it he gave some more details such as President Moon setting off for Pyeongyang at 8.40AM local time, and that he will be landing at 10AM in Pyeongyang where he is expected to be met by Kim Jong-un himself. There were also a couple more details, saying that the two leaders will meet at least twice during President Moon's three day stay. What do you make of that announcement?

2 - As we just heard in that announcement, the first item on the agenda is said to be about advancing inter-Korean relations, with the Panmunjom Declaration as the foundation. That would probably be the easy part right? What can we expect on that front?

3 - Perhaps the most important issue this time however is the second thing that was highlighted - mediating between North Korea and U.S. in denuclearization talks. Are we getting any signs from the administration that a positive outcome could come out of it?

4 - The third item on the agenda that I talked about involves ending military tensions between the two Koreas. This could be a tricky one, unexpectedly after working level military talks last week lasted 17 hours...

5 - The line-up of South Korea's delegation was confirmed yesterday. Some 150 delegates will be going including 14 government officials. Perhaps the most eye-catching was the fact that foreign minister Kang Kyung-wha will be going. In the past two summits that took place in Pyeongyang, there was no space for the foreign minister. Why were they left out before, and what does it say now that she included?

6 - Also included in the line-up is business leaders. The heads of Hyundai Motors, Samsung, LG and SK are included among others. There has been some controversy about their inclusion, but it can be seen as a message to Pyeongyang, correct?

7 - Do you think some sort of progress will be made on a declaration to end the Korean War?

8 - The UN General Assembly opens in New York on Tuesday as well. There were rumours that Kim Jong-un would attend the event and meet with President Trump. Those rumours have now pretty much died down, but do you think that could change depending on the outcome of the inter-Korean summit?

9 - There are set to be discussions at the UN about to move ahead. Do you think will be any relief on sanctions?

10 - President Moon is set to meet with Trump on the sidelines of the UN general assembly. We can probably expect a message from Kim to Trump via Moon, would you agree?

11 - What do you think Kim Jong-un wants to show during this summit?